Monday, July 29, 2013

New Home

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hello Everyone!!!

Today for a Special Spotlight i want to highlight a bright and creative young designer. one day while strolling through the blog i stumbled across a post of a really cute tank that i just had to have.

Lucky for us Nikki posted the information of Miss Dymesha. i contacted her via email and I must tell you that her personality is just a beautiful as her designs. I purchased mine immediately. Just in Case you would like to have a couple of Dymesha pieces in your own closet, she can be reached @ Dymesha
Also keep checking her blog for updates and the new additions to the collection.
Dymesha you definitely deserve to shine in the spotlight :-)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

He's A Crackhead..What would you do???

So, Tuesday evening a guy friend of mine gave me a call just to small talk and catch up. naturally going through the motions of normal small talk procedures, we inquire about each others day. i told him my regular days routine work, school, home work, volunteer, eat and eat TV. Then he tells me about his day and how he had been wanting to by a GPS device, but was looking for a deal. So, coincidentally a crackhead crossed his path on his way to work and was selling a GPS. So, he purchased the GPS system because he said that the guy was giving him a great deal that he couldn't refuse. After I laughed about 5 minutes, I shared with him that i would never buy an electronic device from a crackhead or any bootlegger sales person. So, he kind got defensive (jokingly) and made a sad attempt at trying to put me on blast for purchasing Cd's from crackheads.. So, i expressed to him (after laughing more) that I don't care if he makes a deal with a crackhead, I could care less about the moral stand point of bootlegging. But Personally i refuse to buy any sort of major purchase from a street vendor knowing full well I can't get a receipt, insurance, store credit, warranty on that Merchandise. I have the worst luck with electronics and devices. I have purchased plenty of things from credible stores and brand new from manufacturers only to have it malfunction in a week or a month. It is one of the main reasons i always keep insurance on my cell phone. So, he knows i need to replace my laptop and he posed the question if i crossed path with a crackhead selling exactly what i need and wanted, would i buy it? Sorry, the answer is NO!!! I am not going to take a chance and buy a laptop from a crackhead cause i know with my luck it will break down in three days and i am screwed! That is just me!!! Now if he has that new Kanye West Mixtape or something for $5, we got a What would you do???

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


*So, I want to introduce a new section to my blog titled "Special Spotlight". I decided to create this feature with the purpose of highlighting a individuals that who's work i enjoy and peple who have won me over as a fan. my 1st featured talent for this section is:
Miss LaShontae "Tae" Heckard.

From first glance you see an amazing beauty, perfect physique, lovely skin, and gorgeous hair (someone that was born to model), but 'Model' doesn't quite capture the essence of LaShontae. Affectionately known to those close to her as "Tae" embodies more than what the physical eye can see. Here you have a woman that is not only a talented actress that has appeared in many shows and a model featured in countless magazines and videos, but you have a woman who has actively served her country in the US army reserve. This brave beauty courageously joined the army and attended college directly after high school. Her passion for people, her down to earth persona, her inner beauty that matches her physical beauty, and her charisma combined with her twisted sense of humor makes her a woman deserving of the spotlight! I wish Tae continued success in every goal she wishes to attain. Blessing Tae from a Fan, Jenna Marie Christian!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Starting A new Chapter!!!!

Who would have thought that one day this sheltered homebody Jen would want to embark on a journey that would leave many of my family members and friends shocked, speechless, and in disbelief... I did!! For the last couple of years I have been pondering the idea of relocating from the only city i have known as home (Chicago). I am now 26 years old and I am quickly approaching my 27th birthday. I thank God, that I have been blessed all of these years. I may not have all of the things that I want at this time, but I have always had everything that i needed. Chicago, my family, and my friends have always been my security blanket. It is hard to leave it, but i am seeking more in life than what this city can offer me right now. I am now ready to open a new door, meeting new people, in a new place, with new challenges, new goals, and new experiences.After a great deal of thought I have decided on a location! I have chosen to go to the big apple, New York!! Yes, i know it is expensive! yes i know it is dirty! No, i have gotten everything planned out just yet. Sure I am nervous , but i am also excited. I am a bit scared, but I am also ready! It is time for this little caterpillar to blossom in a beautiful butterfly and experience everything this world has to offer. I want to accept, enjoy and learn from every destination and lesson, that this journey of life is going to introduce me to. I feel that while I am single, unattached, and I don't have any dependents, it is the perfect time to pack up and skip town to experience something new. Just wish me well, pray for me and support me!!!Blessings,
PS...sorry I have been MIA, but catch me daily on

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So, Last Fall I crossed paths with a certain young man. He was tall, beautifully brown, hair in locs, and a smile to die for. We small talked, exchanged laugh, and exchanged numbers and started to get to know each other. He was a very nice guy, a true gentlemen, and funny, but I realized he was "CRAZY" soon after we met. We went out on 1 date and we had a couple of movie nights, but nothing amazing. I liked him a lot until his behavior begin to change. His crazy started to come through when he began to want to be near me every second. Always want to drop by, or want me to sit at his job(for hours and do nothing), i met the family (all in a matter of two weeks). Initially i just figured he was trying to be a nice guy because he was trying to become my "star player" in my life. Then it started to get worse, he would want to know where i was going, when, where, why, what time, when will i be back, do i want him to drop me off or pick me up. Now I am a sister that needs her space. I don't want you to be all over me and don't expect me to be smother you. This definitely didn't sit well with him. So, since i would refuse his offer to chauffeur me everywhere around the damn city, Sit at his job, and purposely remain busy so that would not be home, he would call all the damn time. I mean like 4 & 5 times back to back within 6 minutes. i wouldn't answer the calls, so he'd leave messages, and then text me. The very first time he exhibited that behavior, i had already decided in my mind that i would not be seeing him again. Unfortunately, it never stopped him from being a "repeat dialer & text-er". Eventually after a couple of months. He stopped!

Well, Saturday morning around 4am, my phone rings. I am livid! I don't know who it is at this point, but i knew for sure that I was about to really give someone a piece of my mind calling me at that hour. everyone who knows me has learned, if you want to speak with me, you better place the call before 10:30pm. After that, you might meet the Jenna that you don't want to ever encounter. Anywoo, when i saw that number i immediately hit "ignore". I refuse to speak to that crazy fool. So, as usual there is a voicemail, i didn't bother listening to the message i just instantly deleted it, but the only thing that was running through my mind was..this is a new year..DELETE MY NUMBER FOOL!!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009


I've always been a very outspoken, quick tempered, passionate, and stern conversationalist. Since, I have always been this way, my method to prevent any sort of irate reaction on my end due to a disagreement is to just simply avoid all controversial topics, especially the topics that i am more passionate about than others. For some odd reason it seemed as though the last couple of weeks I couldn't run away from such topics even if i was paid to do so. They were all around.

The first issue came into play when my cousin and his came from Arkansas to Chicago to visit for the weekend. Now, my cousin makes it a point to avoid befriending people of color. I've known this about him for some time and even though i don't agree he is my cousin, I love, and i just choose not to really discuss the matter(cause i know I'd get pissed). Now his friend on the other was another special case. He dates interracial (that's fine), but he made it quite clear that he doesn't date people who are "darker" than he is. That is his statement i quoted him exactly. Upon hearing this statement flow from his mouth i begin to feel my blood come to a complete boil. In fact, my blood was boiling over. Discrimination is the subject that pisses me off to the core, especially those that discriminate within their own race. Now at the time that this conversation was taking place there was a room full of beautiful brown sistas, including myself. I felt as though i was in the twilight zone because no one saw a problem with their mentality except me. I was the only one feeling myself get so "fired up" over his ignorance. In fact many of the women in the room felt as though it was okay because it was a "preference", but in my mind i saw it as discrimination and worst of all it was discrimination within his own race. In my opinion a preference is to maybe favor one, but you can enjoy them all (not i like lighter and lighter only). I didn't see how someone of color could ever develop the mentality that one shade is better or more appealing than the other. I couldn't comprehend how two black men, especially from the south couldn't see how beautiful our culture was and appreciate it. in fact it pissed me off to see black men being okay with living by the house nigga/field nigga mentality. It seemed like such a disgrace to me and no one was angry except me. In fact I was so infuriated that i left the house for the entire day in hopes that all of those fools would have been gone by the time that i returned.

Then later in the week I ended up having a discussion about sexuality. An individual asked me do I feel as though people can be born gay or not. Now, I was brought up in an overly religious household and church where I am taught to believe that being gay is "wrong, wrong, wrong". I have encountered so many people who are so hateful toward gay people and the person I was having this conversation with was one of those "religious I can't stand gay people" types. It makes me so angry because I have friends who are gay. I am personally offended to have people in my life being judged, hated, and mistreated due to their sexuality. Most of the people that preach about how big of a "SIN" homosexuality is are sinning all day everyday themselves. The last time I checked fornication is a sin, lying is a sin, cheating is a sin, cursing is a sin, drinking is a sin, lusting is a sin, putting everything and everybody before God is a sin. So, it seems to me that we are all guilty of sinning. The world is full of sin so before we start judging & hating people trying to find out were they born a certain way. Why don't we do some soul searching on our end. God made us all. He loves us all. In my opinion "Can someone be born gay"? I have no idea and in fact i don't care. I love all people and I accept people for who they are. I am sure that if you feel as though you are so perfect, someone could point on a flaw or two that you can check yourself on.

The next topic i try to avoid is politics. I work around the most hard core republicans and sometimes these conversations can take a turn for the worst. in fact i remember reporting to work the very next day after President Obama had been elected. It was definitely a joyous day for myself and others that are happy to see some change taking place in this country, but many of my coworkers were not thrilled (that was expected). The moment that stands out the most to me about being in the office that day is when one of the brokers were being teased and asked "What was he going to do now"? his reply was "I am going to do what the rest of the world will be doing, that's suffering". I heard him loud and clear and I went off (and cursed a time or so). I got a "lil crunk" So, I ended up being reprimanded for cursing in the office.

Then I had to have the abortion conversation. Personally, I feel as though it should be an individual choice with the right to decide what to do with your own body. Who am I, to tell you what you should and shouldn't do. I don't know your situation and I am not going to judge another person decisions regardless of their circumstances. I don't think any woman would be thrilled or nonchalant about having to consider eliminating a life. It is tough enough trying to put everything into perspective, the last thing you need is someone shoving judgemental views in your ear.

The funny thing is after having all of these conversations in one week had my energy and mood so tossed around I thought I was getting my period, but it was a coworker who had a chat with me and my cousin cassie who helped me see the light. i don't have to fight every battle, I don't have to persuade you to see my side, and i for damn sure don't have to see your side. The bottom line is We Don't Have To Agree and I don't have to let the mentality of another piss me off. My practice is definitely to always try my best to avoid such controversial conversations, but i know now that it's okay to disagree and when everything is said and done. I can still walk away from the conversation the same way it started as a GROWN WOMAN WITH MY OWN OPINION!!!!! and guess what YALL DON'T HAVE TO Happy Sunday Peeps.. I've missed you all!