Tuesday, March 17, 2009

'Dog Gon' truth

So, I am an animal lover and like so many others my dog "Diamond" is an irreplaceable member of my family. As a kid "pet care" never really crossed my mind. I enjoyed playing with the dog, washing the dog, and walking the dog. As as adult I have realized that there is a great deal more that goes into being an awesome "pet owner". Their health care and food expenses can add up and become quite costly.

Diamond is my 1 year old female pit (pictured above). Isn't she cute :-) Since having her I have learned some of the strangest things.

1. Female Dogs get their menstrual cycle. As ignorant as it sounds, I had no clue that a dog gets her period and i was a bit shocked when Diamond began her "cycles"...lol

2. This pass weekend, my dog has been a little moody and awkward..guess what.. My baby girl had a yeast infection (in her ear)...lol Who knew such a thing could happen??..lol

Share your "I didn't know" pet stories!!!


  1. I didn't know they took on so many attributes of the owner. I haven't owned a dog in years, but once of my girlfriends had a shih tsu and we would watch the sopranos and SATC. whenever we would not watch an episode, the dog would bark or leave the room. Crazy.

    Miss'd ya kiddo!

    Bond. BlkBond.

  2. I remember when I was younger and had this pure bread white German Shepard. She got her period and I freaked out...but they actually sell doggie pads at the pet store. That was hilarious...

  3. LOL.
    Dogs get car sick. My parents' ol dog honey threw up in the backseat of my car... then sniffed it and threw up again.

  4. @ Blk Bond... So hilarious and very true.. Pets will take on the characteristics of their owner..lol

    @ south loop...
    i did not know they had doggy pads..my cousin was trying to tape a regular pad on to the dog, but Diamond wasn't having it..lol

    lol...The dog getting sick in my car would have made me sick and upset..lol