Wednesday, March 25, 2009


i must admit, I have grown extremely tired of the entire Chris Brown and Rihanna situation. I think every talk show host, radio personality, entertainer, magazine, and blogger have all expressed their views on domestic abuse and Chris/Rihanna's situation in it's entirety.

Many have mentioned how Abuse of any sort is definitely unacceptable and I do agree. No one should ever have to endure being harmed or threatened whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally. The problem that i had with most of these show is that it seemed so "one sided". It always places the "woman" as the victim (i know most domestic abuse cases are female victims).

I agree that a man should never ever put his hands on a woman, but i also believe that a woman should never ever put her hands on a man. I am the youngest of 3 children. i have two older brothers. Growing up with two boys that are 9 and ten years older than you, you learn so much from their relationships. I have seen the roughest, wildest, and most irrational women that you never want any of your love ones to encounter. i am talking about women who will break my brothers belongings, hit him, smack him, punch him, put their hands all in his face, yell obscenities, plain ignorant. Women who will lash out because they know "Most men won't hit a woman" and it is not right to provoke someone due to your own anger and aggravation because you know or "think you know" that they won't hit you back. I would have preferred if at least one show or personality could have stressed that "EVERYONE" should practice "KEEPING YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF". I in no way at all agree with putting my hands on another human being. I was taught early on as a child to "keep my hands to myself".

Although this one rule won't be the solution to avoid and "end all" to every domestic abuse case, I do believe that if Many people of "BOTH GENDERS" learn how to effectively communicate and articulate their feelings to each other without raising their voices or their hands, a lot of these cases wouldn't exist today. So, instead of preaching "Men Should Never Hit Women", "Preach Don't Hit Another Person, Unless You are Prepared to Get Hit Back"...

I know I may get a little "Heat" for this but...It's All Good!! Nothing Wrong with a healthy Discussion :)


  1. I agree with you. This kind of situation really happens every day. I'm over their teenage drama. She flipped out over a text msg. It happens. They both need to grow up and be accountable for how they handled the situation. One of my guy friends said it best:

    "Please don't ever hit a man because despite what you think, that nigga will beat yo ass."

    :) Let's all play nice.

  2. you summed that up greatly in just a few