Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Name Is "Jen"....

Hello Beauties,

I have to tell you all what has been on my mind lately. I am so disappointed in the way today's young men refer to women. I am appalled at how young men attempt to approach young women, and I am disgusted by the "terms of endearment" that many of these fellas will use to get your attention. Lately, i have lost my ability to deal with of ignorance as my twin "South Loop Social Light" would say "I am allergic" I have become "Allergic" to immature young fools, who don't have a clue as to what a "gentlemen" is.

What has happened to the days of a man getting out of his car to speak to a young lady? How in the world is it that a guy will some how come to the decision that honking the horn at a woman and yelling out something incredibly ignorant like "Ah Shawty" is going to really get them a greeting from a woman. What happened to men being able to compliment a woman by using the most simple, but yet powerful words. Just simply saying, you look beautiful, but with today's young men you get "Ah Girl, you fine as hell" and i also remember being called a sexi m*thafuc*....I can count how many times I have been left in disbelief when i think about all of the crazy encounters i have had to endure. The worst are all of the names that they choose to call women 'shawty, ma, ah bay bay, lil mama"..the list goes on. Don't even get me started on the men who become angry because there approach was extra wack and now they are offended simply because they thought their "game" was tight and want to yell out obscenities toward you.

When will some of these young men realize that when you are approaching it is best to just be kind, use common courtesy, and know that less is more. "Game is not necessary or relevant. Simply stop her with an excuse me, follow up with a greeting like "hi, how are you?", you can even through in "My name is (blank)?", and that approach just may get the person to pause, smile, and say "Hi, My name is Jen" :-)

love you all!!!!


  1. I'm knocking the big 4-0's door, so it has settled down, but I definitely understand. Guys were only slightly more respectful when I was younger. I hope this will soon change.

    Hey, what about the Erro concert? Any pics?

  2. Girl please. Men do the things that they do, because (some) women accept it... PERIOD.

  3. I agree with Kryssy. Women can deter this behavior by not responding or correcting the problem by confrontation. Even after it has happened to you, if you address the issue it may prevent it from happening to the next woman.
    Believe it or not, some women will think less of a man if he comes at them politely-I'm going to write a blog about that.
    That is all. For now.

    Bond. BlkBond.

    P.S. Um...nice picture (smile)

  4. Sigh, it's been encouraged and reinforced. I call it "The Cornballiness of America". It's catching on, too.

  5. I have often heard women complain of the disrespect, but at the same time have seen many look every time a horn honked (some need to learn control), or stop when they heard...'shorty, shawty, ma'" As a man I have felt sorry for the women who have had to endure the none sense.
    I am a thinker and realize it's all about balance. We actually need those 'knuckleheads'... because hopefully when women come across a gentleman, hopefully they'll remember what they had to endure ... but that too is often forgotten.
    we may go through 8 bad situations to finally find 1 great one... in the end it is worth it and we should be better because of it.

    Great post.