Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Behind Every Good Man, there is a Woman rolling her Eyes :-)

an adult male person, as distinguished from a boy

Similar to many women, i have my gripes and complaints about men. Many of you know I will go into a full blown tirade on my blog about my disappointments with some of the men in the world today. From the immature, to the"purposely" unemployed, to the grown guys living with their parents, the incarcerated, and the"players". It can almost seem hopeless, but i am very optimistic. I know that there are plenty of amazing men that are in existence all over. They are rare, but they do exist.

So, Today i want to acknowledge all of the true Gentlemen. The civilized, educated, sensitive, and well-mannered. The independent, goal oriented, intelligent, suave, honest, and good family man. i don't mention celebrate them enough. I also want to give credit to all of the women in their lives that helped whipped these men into shape. I want to celebrate of all of the mothers that nurtured, loved, taught, and disciplined these gentlemen. I want to acknowledge all of the sisters who had to sternly give their brothers the reality check needed when they got out of line ( it is not easy, i got two brothers), and of course I have to give credit to all of the women who have had to endure a great deal of foolishness just to get a man to be a man.

Many of the good men today had a few strong women in their lives to help them reach the success at a level many of them had deemed unattainable. So, as I celebrate all of the great men out there, i want to celebrate all of the women that helped them reach that point. (Michelle O'bama, Coretta Scott King, Betty Shabazz)..and the list goes on...

So, Men remember "Behind Every Great Man, There Is A Woman Rolling her Eyes"


  1. Know what would make this post even better? If you were able to actually name some of these men! lol... It's like finding a unicorn. We know what it looks like - can even draw it...but where do you go to find it? lol...

  2. amen to that they are rare but they do exist and once their done wasting time with little girls playing woman they will find themselves and amazing individual

  3. Ladies, they are out there! They truly are. You meet them when you are not looking. That has happened to be twice...2 great loves. I am currently there now, and he is absolutely wonderful. He is everything I NEED and was sent from God. Of course he is nor perfect, neither am I. But, we compliment one another and we are coming to understand God's purpose for us individually and collectively. So, keep praying and staying busy beautiful women you are! When God sees you are ready, and your mate is too...He will allow you to meet and cultivate something special and unbreakable. I am a living witness!!!! Peace. Buttafly

  4. I don't believe in good men. I refuse to applaud this blog. LOL

  5. Thank you for that acknowledgement.

  6. I think that there are good men out there but many women ignore them and when they get snatched by a good woman they wish they had noticed him before they noticed "bad good looking guy" lol

    But seriously, good guys are really hard to find. That's why I believe in what Buttafly said. If you trust in God he'll provide you with a man that he has set aside just for you when you are ready. Till then pray and ask God to get you ready for him and that you'll take notice when you see him.

    Great Post!