Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Karma is a B*T*H, but Revenge can be worse :-)

I found this post on one of my favorite forums and had to share it with you all...i found it hilarious and disturbing at the same time...

so be careful how you treat people because there are all sorts of ways to get you back...

What is the worst thing you have done to get revenge on your Man/Woman when they made u Mad? A million and one trifling things I had thought about doing in the past came to mind but none as insane as some out some of these responses:

1.I cut up aluminum foil in little pieces and put it under his Leftovers and when he put it in the microwave……POW!!!!

2.My cousin put rubbing alcohol in her ex’s visine bottle after she found out he cheated… Had to wear a patch 4 a few dayz.

3.I took some dog food and mixed it in her hamburger helper.. haha, she cheated and she paid!!

4. I slept with my sideline boo in my home on my bed and didn’t change the sheets and the same night he laid right in all the juices.

5. Was dating the mom, she jumped fly, so I knocked down the daughter as revenge. Glad I grew up.

6.Hand Job using ICY HOT!!!!!

7.I f*cked her best friend and her cousin. not proud of it, but hey desperate times call for desperate measures

8. Moved 4 hrs away and the next week paid all my bills electronically with his whole check! I put soap on his tooth brush , put bleach on his clothes and washed it as usual and … make his food super spicy.

9.I found out this guy cheated on me so I log into his MSN blog anonymously and told all his females he has genital ..

**People Are Crazy****

What's the Worst thing you've done to get revenge?


  1. Rubbing alcohol in the visine??? That's criminal! LOL

  2. **Muah**

    I just wanted to e-kiss you. You know why.

    Bond. BlkBond.

  3. ohhhhh these shits are def. not what i had in mind lol.......smh

  4. Number 1 is crazy hilarious! I'm still cracking up!

  5. ROFL...I've thought of some pretty good things but never did because of karma. A long time ago, I heard about a woman who turned her ex's faucet on and left...he was out of town. Needless to say he had quite the flood on this hands...