Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Wonder...

1. Why is Chris Brown pleading not guilty when we all know full well that he clearly kicked Rihanna's A**

2. Why are people so tough on our 1st lady's wardrobe.. Personally, I think she looks great all the time.

3. Have you noticed many of the reporters that refer to the President as only "Barack"... I don't recall any other Presidents simply being call George, Bill, John...etc

4. Why is it still snowing every two days in chicago. I mean it is the Spring Season, Easter is near.

5. Is anyone else tired of Christina Milian & the dream sightings. She is still not going to sell albums, and please give beyonce back her blonde lace front wig

6. Am I the only fool that's still tuning in to see America's Next Top Model 26..this show has been on forever;-)

I'm just wondering...


  1. Sad to say that you really may be the only person watching Top Model. lol...I gave up on that show along with a slew of others.

  2. Wow girl, I had the exact same thoughts about your ENTIRE list! lol. I secretly still watch ANTM too, I don't even know why but I do.

  3. I am tired of Christina Milan and the Dream already. What happened to Dre?! And who told her that barbie hair was cute?!