Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random "Ish" on my Mind!!!!

1. has anyone else heard the rumor about Jennifer Hudson being "preggers". I surely hope that is false, because i swear her "boo" seems a little suspect to me.. (i know i am not the only one who thinks so)

2. I read that Janet Jackson takes 'Human Growth Hormones" to aid her in her rapid weightloss. supposedly, HGH Injections help decrease fat, slow aging, and boost stamina. but hasn't her body been through enough ups and downs (literally and figuratively speaking)

3. Jill Scott had her baby 'jett Hamilton Roberts' is 7lbs and 8 ounces :-) I am happy for her!!

4. i really want to support Ciara with this latest D, but Cici really hasn't given anything to work with this time around :-(

5. TV shopping has become an addiction for me. i just purchased the Time life/Motown Cd collection with my free dvd for ordering while watching the Damn that Billy dee Williams for hosting that half hour

6. i truly hate desperation, If I have politely turned you down once, please don't follow me around the CVS, just continue to restock the band aids and let me go about my

7. Why is that school seems to take forever to complete, but those tuition payments come around very quickly.

8. I've been volunteering a lot more these days, but as much as these organizations say they want the help..why does it take them so dang long to call a sista

just my random 'ish' for the day :-)


  1. # 7 made me spit out my wine.... lol

  2. I meant # 6... blame the wine, LOL

  3. I agree with you about the Ciara CD. She is trying to hard with the Sex, Love and Magic video..