Monday, March 9, 2009

Never Too Late...

As Many of you all know, One of my goals this year to try not to complain, but remain positive. In my attempt to remain positive, I have decided to revisit an old "goal". i have always had such a strong appreciation for the "Arts". I love to "view" paintings, sketches, read poetry, day dream with beautiful photography, i find myself drifting into a different place with cultural dances. I Love, Love, Love, the "Arts".. but I have aways secretly wanted sketch. I think it is truly a God given Gift to be able to sit and look at anything and sketch that image on a sketch pad..

I let that little desire slip away long ago feeling as though it is a skill that i should have started as a child and should not focus on it anymore... Well at my attempt to dismiss miss the "old/negative" thoughts and bring the "new/positive" to my reality, I purchased "Figure Drawings For Dummies" I am going to sketch my little heart out because now I know that no matter what your age may be or what goals you want to achieve.. "It is never TOO LATE, to tackle a new challenge...

Happy Monday!!!!!


  1. You can do it mama! Stay motivated and positive!

  2. Go for it, girl! Do all the things your heart desires, remember this isn't a dress rehearsal ;-).

  3. do it, draw, paint, write, do it. Art is good for the soul!