Thursday, February 5, 2009

Etta Got A Beef With Bee-Tawn-say!!!!

So, Apparently Miss Etta James Was not thrilled that Beyonce chose to sing her tune "At Last" during the inauguration ceremony.

Now, I am a Beyonce fan even though I am a bit tired of, but Do you all think that is may have been a little "Hate" in Etta's System or Is it her right not to have wanted her song performed during inaugaration.
The Story is That during a recent show in Seattle, WA on Jan. 28th, 2009 Miss Etta was quoted saying things like " She Gone Get Her Ass*d Whooped" Referring to "beyonce" The Audio can be found on
Personally, I Think "Bee" delivered an "okay" performance, but I would have preferred to see my home town girl Jennifer Hudson!
Anyway, I would love to know your thoughts!!!
Sending Caramel Kisses...
Jenna Marie Christian


  1. Ooo... I can feel the heat. I would think since Beyonce portrayed Etta James in Cadillac Records, it would be ok to sing the song here and there. Fans may expect that. I'm sure she's singing it on the soundtrack. Right? There may be a little hating going on there.

  2. @ Arlice,

    lol...I think it's a little "hate" myself. I had actually read in an old excerpt from in interview With Etta (before The filming of Cadillac Records) She wasn't all that thrilled that Beyonce would be the person portrying her in the film...

  3. I think Etta was entitled to feeling the way she did. Hell, she's not dead yet and Beyonce has a million of her own songs (or songs that she changed a few words to so she could claim "writers" status) to pick Etta's song "At Last" her biggest hit while Etta is still alive and kickin, it was a little slap in the face. I love Beyonce too but I can imagine that Etta's ego had to take a huge blow.

  4. @ SOuth Loop Social Light...

    I agree, I am sure I wouldn't have been all that excited while I am still alive, well, healthy, and still performing and then get overlooked for the Miss