Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The People On Social networking sites?????

Why is that these social networking pages seem to bring out the inner "mack"with every fool who created a page. I mean a girl can only tolerate so many "What's Good" notes a day anddon't even get me started on the people that actual give you their introduction, stats, and phone number all in one about desparation...

here is one of my faves:

hey mama dis mykell
how u doing mama just hit u up to say u look very intelligent smart and full of luv something i luv un a woman i dont want to hold u up i just wanted to tell u that hit me up if u want to

or this one is good: (sent from some girl)
hi my name is Michelle i am on my mans profile and asking iwth no disrespect to you. I was tring to change things up in our relationship and he said i can bring someone else in our bedroom i wanna excperince another woman. Would u b interested in satisying our fantasy?

Here is another...
wass up baby will you call me at 17*3 3*5 6**8

SMH to the fools on


  1. I'm TOO through... especially with that second note. Can we say Eeewww...???

  2. DAAAAAAG. This is great fodder for a book, or even a TV show, but then again, you couldn't script this stuff. lol.

  3. OMG!!! I have gotten one's like the 2nd one. Girl these people are real bold these days b/c they can hide behind a computer screen. Your first note hurt my head b/c I couldn't comprehend what they were trying to say. Craziness!!!

  4. Umm, yeah! I'd have to pass on all of those. I've never been a fan of broken English and does it really take THAT much effort to type in complete sentences. You look "full of luv"??? Priceless...

    I remember the day I canceled my Blackplanet page! One of the best days of my life...and making my other pages private! A Godsend.

  5. On Valentine's Day, I had someone send me a message on myspace saying "hi this ____ can I meet you like right now happy V-Day!" I was just confused. I get so many messages saying "what's good". Can someone please tell me what the response is to that? You've skimmed my page and should be able to tell the kind of woman I am. Why are you even talking to me? And this is what I have to choose from to date. Oy vey....

  6. SMH at that 2nd one... fo real though?

  7. the post with the woman soliciting for a threesome is now and forever a classic. Immediately after I read that, I heard Young Dro's voice say, "My girl gotta girlfriend!"

    I was advised several years ago in grad/professional school to stay away from those sites. Not only for issues like this, but simply for my personal & professional protection. Be careful lady...

    Bond. BlkBond.