Monday, February 23, 2009


For the last few years I have been slightly disappointed in the music and "entertainers" that seem to have taken over the music industry as a whole. It actually pains me that good quality music by real musical geniuses and gifted vocalist seem to rarely ever get the credit,praise, attention, sales, and promotion that they actually deserve.

So, today I want to post the artist that i feel create great music that touches the heart, mind, soul, and lifts your spirit. These are the artist that I believe are ttruly deserving of all of the awards, interviews, magazine covers, and accolades... So, in my efforts to support the best of the best in music top underrated TRUE SOUL MUSIC..I want to share My Top Ten TRUE SOUL MUSIC ARTIS OF THE YEAR!!!!!


1. Eric Roberson

2. India Arie

3. Musiq Soulchild

4. Jill Scott

5. Raheem Devaughn

6. Angie Stone

7. Kem

8. Goepele

9. Ledisi

10. Rachelle Ferrel

Who are the artist on your list?


  1. My only issue with this list is that it all falls in the "neo-soul" genre. Sometimes you want to just let loose and not have your music be so deep. I loved Jill Scott's last cd...and I'm a fan of a few songs by the other artists, but for the most part I like upbeat, light-hearted, fun, party music...

    What about your top 10 underrated artist allover, not just genre specific? I think that Teedra Moses is a great vocalist that I wish would get more shine...

  2. I can't say only because everyone on my list has not come out with a completed album.

    I will take the 'new' people I have been listening too; many of the other R&B folk are already noted: Ledisi, Emily King, Janelle Monae. I'm open to new artists, any suggestions?

  3. No fair...these are mine too :-)! I also like Algebra Blessett, Teedra Moses, Liv Warfield, Dwele and Hil St. Soul.