Monday, February 23, 2009


Ladies, many of us know the unwritten "rules" regarding certain questions that you should never ask another woman. It just seems as of lately some of "us' are getting a little too familiar with each other and placing the "rule book" to the side..Example:

I am sitting at my desk and I am in the process of being assisted with a new application that has just been implemented on the office PC by one of the trainers(female) sent to help the firm for the week. Now, as we are working through a small problem another office associate(female) walks up to my desk and she began to small talk a little as we are working. All of a sudden the office Associate asked the Trainer "When Was She Due"? The problem with that question in this particular case is... THE TRAINER WASN'T PREGNANT!!!! Now there is an awkward silence amongst all of us and the office associate excuses herself from the conversation and I am left to pick up the pieces of the conversation along with this ladies self-confidence for the day... Shame on it all. So, for this reason, I want to list a few questions that a woman should never ask another woman. (exceptions are relatives, friends, and close acquaintances)...

1. When Are you Due? (To prevent a similar occurrence of the story listed above as we see, my girl was just "thick" )

2. Is That your real hair? (many of my sistas can/will proudly, fabulously, and elegantly rock their weave, but whether it is theirs or not is none of your business, just compliment the style and keep it moving)

3. Have you gained weight? (Apparently she has if you need to pose the question, but why ask..that's just rude)

Later Babes.....


  1. last year a lady i worked in the same office with (but not directly with) asked if i was pregnant. she was very hush-hush and said i looked a little rounder. I laughed and told her no im just fat. it's called gaining 5 pounds. she started apologizing but i brushed it off. she had recently lost some weight and i guess she figured she was at a place to ask about someone else's weight. She has since gained it back. Wonder if i would be wrong if i asked HER when she was due?

  2. Whenever I'm rocking a weave I never get bothered if someone asks me. I don't try to pretend it's my natural hair and I take it as a compliment if someone notices my fly hair style and wants to know about it. I'll always give the stylist's name, beauty supply, brand of hair...I'm not shy about it. I think that some people act very touchy about the subject but it's never that serious. If you're hesitant to ask about a person's weave but want to get some info for yourself just compliment the style and ask where they got it done...that usually breaks the ice.

    Now, as for weight, I leave that one terms of gaining/losing. People are also pretty shy about saying what the actual # of lbs is that they weigh. I mean, it's truly just a number. I think it's about how you carry your weight...not the number. Same with dress sizes...

  3. Fupa's strike again. This happened in front of me, to a girl I used to date who was trying to become reacquainted with me. Not a good look; yet, it was kind of what I was thinking.