Monday, February 9, 2009



Have you ever had a celebrity crush and all of a sudden they got married on you and you become so devastated as if you all had actually met, had a relationship and the woman/marriage came from no

I swear it just happened to me. My celebrity crush is the soulful singer "Eric Roberson". I have to tell you, When I found out he was married, I was a little I Could even listen to his CD's for Now, I have snapped myself back into reality and I do wish him and his beautiful wife all of the happiness that they can handle:-) I know, It's silly. I get it from my mom, who was really angry when her celebrity crush "Chuck Norris" got

As silly and crazy as it may sounds, It happens to the best of us sometimes. So, I want to know, Who is the celebrity crush that made you upset when they tide the knot?????


  1. I used to be in love with Kyjuan from the St. Lunatics. I remember when I found out he was married it was heartbreaking...I had met him backstage at this concert (I was in high school) and instantly thought he was so cute...but yeah, that was a super random celeb crush.

  2. lol...mine was random real

    I got to google Kyjuan to get a the "face"..cause i can't remember him off top...I remember murphy lee and there was another one with locs...

  3. halle has broken my heart time and time again. And I told her all those dudes were all wrong for her. LoL. Hopefully her white dude will hold her down. lol

  4. ROFL! Girl, Erro is such a great talent. I actually heart his back-up singer DMo!

  5. @ brother's blog..

    If Halle is your "girl", I'll admit you must be use to the pain by

    @curvy girl
    lol...I love me some Erro i think i may have gotten a glimpse or so of your man "DMO" during performances.. I hope he doesn't hurt you the way eric hurt

  6. Even though they have been dating for years, I was a little more than hurt to find out Jay Z had gotten married. :(

  7. lol..that jay z thing hit me kinda hard