Monday, February 9, 2009

HE GOT 3 KIDS.....

3 KIDS!!!!!!!!

Over This Past Weekend. I cross paths with a handsome gentlemen as i was on my way home from the movie with a girlfriend (The Notorious Movie).

Anyway, The Gentle asked if he could converse with me for a moment or so and I obliged simply because he was nice looking, very well mannered and new exactly how to approach a young woman. I loved it! Anyway, He was definitely a humorous, employed, well-dressed and well spoken young man. The conversation went on for several minutes and that's when he hit me with the fact that he currently has 3 children, by 3 different mothers, and one of those children will be graduating from elementary school. Of course I am very cordial and did not show an ounce of shock on my face, or in my responses, but in my mind that was a "deal breaker" for me. I mean I am only 26 years old. The last thing I want is to be involved with someone who has a few kids and nearly have my age...NO THANKS!!!!

Needless to say, I will be putting him in the "friend box". I found this encounter so ironic simply because I had just read a very interesting blog post on posted by The Black Bond and being the vocal and opinionated young woman I am, I responded to his post stating how individuals should focus more on character instead of material possessions. Now granted my turn off had nothing to do with materialistic or monetary issues, I still felt a little guilty by dismissing the brother due to being a father of 3. So, I kinda feel just as bad as those I discussed in my response to black bond. You all should check his post. Happy Monday!!!

Sending Caramel Kisses Your Way...

Jenna Marie


  1. There's nothing wrong with what you did. 3 kids by 3 different women says something about this man's character. Why isn't he married or engaged? He's had 3 possibly serious relationship which produced 3 children...if not, he needs to learn what a condom is and how to use it because sprinkling your seed around town isn't a good look.

    I once dated a guy with 2 children, 1 of which was only 5 years younger than me (a little strange) and like you, I initially didn't want to be involved with anyone with kids. I kept an open-mind but realized that parents are truly on a different page than non-parents. Their focus is completely different and unless you're ready to make the same sacrifices you're better off finding someone that has more of the same goals and aspirations as yourself.

  2. girl, that fool said "3 kids, by 3 different mothers" The conversationw as over (in my head)

  3. There's nothing at all wrong with it. We all have our deal breakers. And things we won't compromise on. Lord knows I've been shut down by women who didn't like the fact I had a son and that I had been married before. I can't be mad at them everyone is entitled to being picky when it comes to a mate or someone they get involved with.

  4. @ Brothers Blog...

    your situation wouldn't bother me.. you two were married and from that union produced 1 one...

    that is entirely different from 3 kids, 3 different mothers, no marriage (ever) smh...shame on it all :-)

  5. Three kids...ok (sigh) But THREE DIFFERENT WOMEN??? Come on man!

  6. ummm.. no. 3 kids?
    3 times the Baby Momma Drama?
    Girl, I would've taken my heels off and ran for the hills...