Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In Tune With My Star Player!!!!!!

I am a huge fan of Katt Williams. I personally feel as though Katt Williams is one of the funniest men on the planet. Although sometimes his material can be a bit crass, many times he does have a great deal of useful material and positive affirmations that should be applied to our everyday life. I recently just had the opportunity to view his last stand show that aired on the Comedy Central Channel called "It's Pimpin, Pimpin". The show in it's entirety is truly hilarious, but the one thing that stayed with me throughout the show and even as i sit here and type this posting is the portion when Katt begins to discuss being "In Tune With Your Star player". In this story line katt discusses (with a great deal of humor) how many of us place way to much thought into what other people may think of use and how many times we focus way to much on the business and personal affairs in others. The bottom line is to place more of that attention on our own well-being and we will definitely thrive in all areas of our life. Thus being in tune with our "star player".

After viewing that footage and laughing hysterically, I was forced to do a self-evaluation of my own situation. It made me realize that I should definitely be more pro active in regards to creating the life for myself that desire so desperately. I am guilty of pushing my goals aside to cater to others. I am guilty of being concerned with how people may perceive me. I am guilty of being all in someone else's situation and need to get my own business straight. I am guilty of having a little hate in my system when I see someone reaching unimaginable levels of success, but I am stuck at a stand still. I have definitely been out of touch with "Me". That will not be the case any longer. I am now focusing on being in "Tune With My Star player" to make sure at the end of the day I want to honestly be able to give myself the MVP award:-)

Happy Wednesday My People!


  1. I couldn't get past the comedy and picking myself up from off the floor laughing to get the message in it all. But good for you that you did. But that's a great attitude to have.

    Oh and welcome. :-)

  2. I saw this special too! He's hilarious...but I always find myself focusing on how little he well as how much he sweats. lol

  3. He is short and very

    And I know that you love a stiletto as much as i, so we would tower over the